Welcome to Alstad and Churchill, we're so excited that you are here! We are Michael and Connor, the founders and creators of Alstad & Churchill. 

Our Story

Alstad & Churchill is a LGBTQIA+ owned business started in West Hollywood, CA by partners Michael Brent and Connor Street. Our company began in the early months of 2021, in the midst of the pandemic. We had been stuck inside for so long, and began feeling that we weren't being creatively stimulated or challenged. Michael is a hair-dresser and has passion for handcrafting products, and Connor has a background in music, dance, video production, and tech...needless to say, we were used to a life of constant creativity! We wanted to team up to share our creations during a time where we, and a lot of others, were feeling stuck and unmotivated.

When discussing what was important for our business, creating products that would allow people to express themselves as individuals was a must. When looking at everyday products in our lives that we use to express ourselves, jewelry and fragrance immediately came to mind. We eagerly began researching just what it would take to create these products and dove in head first. When learning how candles and fragrances are made, we were shocked to learn of all the harmful ingredients found in the candles we were using every day. Since then, hand selecting high quality, non-toxic, eco-conscious ingredients and materials has been our number one priority.

All of our fragrances are carefully crafted and selected in our home in Los Angeles, and are tied to personal emotions, events, or memories. We believe that fragrance is a key component to creating long lasting memories, and we hope our fragrances will do just that for you. We strive to provide an experience that is unique and exciting, from the purchase, to the use of our products. We hope you enjoy your Alstad & Churchill product as much we have enjoyed creating it! 

Our Name 

The name Alstad come from the maiden name of Michael’s late mother Vicki, and is of Norwegian descent. She had a small business as a seamstress, so when she passed in 2014, Michael wanted to honor her by creating his own brand in her name. The name Churchill is Connor's middle name, and comes from his great grandparents Edward & Mary Churchill. They bought land in Strafford, Vermont in 1939 and on September 15th, 1970 it was officially named the Churchill Tree Farm. The tree farm has been passed down from generation to generation, and has been a gathering place of family and friends ever since. When brainstorming names for our business, we knew that we wanted to honor our family's history and members, thus Alstad and Churchill was born!

Our Mission

We strive to give you not only a top quality product with the best ingredients, but also a top quality customer service experience. Everything you see in our shop is hand made by us in Los Angeles, California, or carefully designed and selected by us.