Room & Linen Spray

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Freshen up any space with our signature room & linen sprays. Made with a 100% naturally derived and organic base, this spray is perfect way to spruce up your home, car, closets, or linens! 

Nº1 - Homebody 

Notes: Vanilla - Lavender - Musk 

Warm notes of luxurious vanilla and lavender come together to create the most inviting and intoxicating scent. Balanced with masculine blends of musk and smoked wood, this fragrance has become our signature cozy scent. 

Nº2 - Pacific Coast 

Notes: Sea Salt - Sage Flower - Driftwood

Inspired by the beaches of Santa Barbara, this refreshing scent will instantly transport you to the California Coast. Delicate notes of Sea Salt, Coastal Cyclamen, and Driftwood join together to round out this truly reviving scent.

Equipped with odor neutralizing technology to remove malodors and refresh any space.

Nº3 - Date Night

Notes: Jasmine - Orchid - Patchouli

Whether getting ready for a night on the town, or a cozy night in, this sensual scent will set all the right tones. Beautiful notes of jasmine and rose mingle with amber and patchouli, to create a sexy and alluring aroma.

Nº4 - Sunday Morning 

Notes: Cocoa Butter, Jasmine, Cedar Wood

It’s Sunday morning, no alarms are set, cuddle up in your favorite blanket with a book. Warm cocoa butter, jasmine, and cedar dance perfectly with one another to create the perfect setting for a lazy morning.

Nº5 - Lavender Woods

Notes: Lavender - Eucalyptus - Cedar

Immerse yourself in fields of French lavender, on the edge of vast, serene, cedar forests. This delightful blend of eucalyptus and lavender are followed by earthy oak moss, and sandalwood to give life to this masculine and compelling scent.

Nº6 - Lemon Grove

Notes: Lemon, Sea Breeze, Lilac Leaves

Invigorate your senses with fresh notes of Italian lemon and green lilac leaves. This beautiful blend of herbal notes and sea breeze will revive any room in your home and leave you day dreaming of the fresh spring breeze of Southern Italy.

Product Details:

- 100% naturally derived and organic base

- Vegan & Cruelty Free

- Pthlalate & Paraben Free 


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